Netflix unveils binge watching pattern

Netflix pinpoints which episodes in Singapore convert casual viewers to committed fans of Stranger Things, Marvel’s Daredevil, Gotham and more.

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Singapore – With such a diverse mix of international content that Netflix has to offer Singaporeans, it takes more than only one episode for viewers to get “hooked” to a series. Netflix pinpointed the specific episode that took watchers from casual to committed by examining global viewing of more than 60 shows. That is, 70% of viewers who watched this episode went on to complete season one or more poetically, when members were hooked there was no turning back.


For instance, the fear of a deadly unknown entity had fans in Singapore and France reeling for Stranger Things (episode 2), while fans in Singapore and Philippines were shocked when Pablo Escobar’s sicarios shot Minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla in Narcos (episode 3). Despite our differences in timezone, viewers here and in America hung on to every word when Cobblepot reveals that he has been working for Falcone all along in Gotham (episode 7). The takeaway: viewing behavior and fandom are universal.

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